Working Papers

Income, Education and Democracy”, (with Stephen L. Parente and Luis Felipe Sáenz), Research Papers in Economics No. 2019:3, Stockholm University, 2019.

Publications in refereed journals

"Oligarchies and Development in a Global Economy: A Tale of Two Elites" (with Anders Akerman and Alireza Naghavi), Economic Inquiry, 54(1), 229-246, 2016.

"Earned Income Tax Credits, Unemployment Benefits and Wages: Empirical Evidence from Sweden" (with Helge Bennmarker and Lars Calmfors), IZA Journal of Labor Policy, 3:54, 2014.

"The Global Arms Trade Network 1950-2007" (with Anders Akerman), Journal of Comparative Economics, 42(3), 535-551, 2014.

"Democracy as a Middle Ground: A Unified Theory of Development and Political Regimes" (with Stephen L. Parente), European Economic Review, 64, 35-56, 2013.

"Pattern Bargaining and Wage Leadership in a Small Open Economy" (with Lars Calmfors), Scandinavian Journal of Economics, 115(1), 109-140, 2013.

"Testing the Impact of Inflation Targeting and Central Bank Independence on Labour Market Outcomes" (with Johnny Zetterberg), Oxford Economic Papers, 65(2), 240-267, 2013.

"Fiscal Activism under Inflation Targeting and Non-atomistic Wage Setting", Economica, 79, 97-114, 2012.

"On Labour Mobility and the Neutrality of Money in Unionised Economies", Economic Modelling, 28(1-2), 396-403, 2011.

"The Swedish Real Exchange Rate under Different Currency Regimes", Review of World Economics, 140(4), 706-727, 2004.

Other publications in English

"Wage Formation and the Swedish Labour Market Reforms 2007-2009" (with Helge Bennmarker and Lars Calmfors), Studier i Finanspolitik 2011/1, Background report to the Swedish Fiscal Policy Council, 2011.

"Aggregate and Regional Business Cycle Synchronisation in the Nordic Countries" (with Nevena Gaco and Henrik Sikström), SIEPS 2009:7, Swedish Institute for European Policy Studies, Stockholm, 2009.

"Comment on Stefan Niemann and Jürgen von Hagen: Coordination of Monetary and Fiscal Policies: A Fresh Look at the Issue"  pdf (151 Kb) , Swedish Economic Policy Review, 15, 125-129, 2008.

Real Effects of Monetary Regimes, IIES Monograph Series No. 57, Institute for International Economic Studies, 2007.

Selected publications in Swedish

Enkla regler, svåra tider - behöver stabiliseringspolitiken förändras?” (with Martin Flodén, Morten O. Ravn and Anders Vredin), SNS Konjunkturrådsrapport 2012. English version, "Simple Rules, Difficult Times”, downloadable here.